‘i’ve reached the end of the road’

Commentary on this expression

April 29th 2013
You say, ‘I can’t go on… I’ve reached the end of the road.’ Yes, it may be the end of the particular road you are on. But you have many more roads within. Leave the old road, and continue on your way along a new one. There are times, it is true, when you can be overwhelmed by a dreadful weariness, and you feel you cannot take another step. It is hard to struggle against any kind of feeling, but if you feel this kind of weariness, all the more reason for holding firmly to the belief that you still have inner resources and will soon be able to continue on your way. One day, of course, you will come to the end of the road for this lifetime, but you are not there yet, and if you know how to keep your thoughts of courage and hope alive you will soon be on your feet again. You will be back on a new road, and you will set off with renewed energy.