Symbol of the work we are to do

May 1st 2013
The idea of work is very often associated with that of difficulty, even of punishment inflicted on humans by the Creator in atonement for their original sin. And yet work can be a source of joy. But then it’s not just any kind of work; the work you are told about in an initiatic school is work done with light and with love, for light and for love. The best symbol for this work is the sun, which never stops giving light, warmth and life. It is a work humans have never given much thought to, but you should start taking it seriously. Of course, to begin with you will be unskilful, and you will not see much result; it is not easy to radiate light, warmth and life like the sun. But once you have embarked on this work, all the pleasures you experienced before will pale beside it. In your efforts to bring light, warmth and life wherever you go, you will experience a joy beyond compare.