Physical world

Exercise ground for the spirit

May 7th 2013
Our time on earth only has meaning if everything we do is subject to the world of spirit and its laws. To become imbued with the laws of the spiritual world, it is necessary to devote a certain amount of time each day to recollection, meditation or prayer. Many will object that it is a waste of time. Let them object! When they arrive in the next world, they will have to recognize that, on the contrary, the wasted time was the time they spent in so-called profitable activities, forgetting that the physical world, the material world, should merely have been a means, not an end in itself. You must think of the material world as an exercise ground for your spirit. If you forget that, you run the risk of infringing divine laws. No longer being directed by the spirit, you obey instinctual impulses, such as selfishness, envy or aggressiveness. Your actions are therefore detrimental to others, and the advantages you think you are gaining are in fact losses.