A method for imbuing ourselves with purity

May 8th 2013
Crystals come from the earth. How was the earth able to produce such a clear substance from its deep, dark bowels? And we too have the same task to achieve in our heart by transmuting our selfish feelings and desires. How? Firstly, through the imagination. Since the imagination is a power, why not make use of it to bring the purity of crystal into ourselves? You will say it will still be in our imagination. No, everything you imagine can become reality. For once you have felt that purity, you will find dark feelings and desires unbearable. When they visit you, you will be immediately alerted, and you will be compelled to react by replacing them with more generous and disinterested feelings, which will make you feel lighter. So, see yourself as transparent as a crystal; your etheric, astral and mental bodies will gradually truly become transparent, and heavenly currents will pass through you, just as light passes through a prism and splits into seven colours.