What makes them different from humans and what brings them closer

May 11th 2013
Whatever you may tell an angel about human suffering will remain abstract for it; it will not be able to understand. Angels know many things, but they do not know suffering. How is it that human beings suffer? Mostly it is because, either in this life or in a past one, they have broken a law. The law comes to seize those who have transgressed it. But to transgress a law, you have to have a will of your own to stand against the divine order. This will is precisely what the angels do not have. They are exclusively at the service of the Divine. They never oppose the will of God; they are identified with it. That is the big difference between angels and humans, but this difference also brings them closer, because the angels take an interest in humans. They come to visit them, and when they see them groaning and weeping they try to help them. Even so, they do not feel their suffering, unless they are permitted by the Divine to come down to incarnate on the earth.