Relations with others

Do not seek the easy way

May 14th 2013
Human beings tend to prefer what comes easily, a tendency which also expresses itself in their relations with others. Those who analyse themselves honestly will find that they proceed according to their likes and dislikes, without questioning whether such impulses can be considered good criteria for judgment. How many people with no morality seem at first sight more likable than those who are honest and virtuous! So we seek out the former and avoid the latter. And is it not also true that most people’s natural tendency is to move away from those they feel are morally superior and spend time with those who are more or less like themselves? It is too much of an effort to raise themselves up to the level of consciousness of the wise. They do not realize how harmful this tendency is for their evolution. By only dealing with those who are on their level or lower, they have all kinds of opportunity to criticize them and feel contempt for them. It requires effort, of course, to go to those who arouse our admiration, but it is so much more rewarding and constructive!