Soul, higher

The divine part of us

May 18th 2013
We all possess a higher soul. At the moment, you may not be aware of its presence within you, but if you think of it, if you try to get in touch with it, you will gradually feel it drawing close to bring you help and support. Otherwise, it’s true, its real home is so distant, so lofty, that it is not concerned with you. You have difficulties, you suffer, but it does not worry; it lives in peace. You will say, ‘But how can that be? My own soul does nothing for me?’ Why do you expect it to do something for you, when you don’t even try to know what it is? Firstly you must understand that the higher soul is of a different nature from the psychic principle generally referred to as soul, which is really only the astral body, the body of feelings, emotions, desires and passions. This soul, which could be described as the lower soul, shares our everyday life; it is restless, it suffers, it cries out. But our divine soul is pure light; it experiences neither agitation nor suffering. It is a long way away, very high up, and it is this soul we must strive to reach.