Symbol of the christ and of divine perfection

May 19th 2013
Jesus said, ‘Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect’. But what can we know of the perfection of the heavenly Father? The answer is in the sun: as we look at it, we find that the heavenly Father is infinite light, warmth and life. Jesus also said, ‘I am the light of the world’, and what is the light of the world if not the sun? Clearly, the sun that Jesus identified with is not the one we see in the sky. It is the Christ, the cosmic sun, of which our sun is merely a representative. But even so, when we contemplate it we draw closer to the perfection of the heavenly Father, of his life, his love and his wisdom. Through the sun, the Christ, which is the emanation of the Father, continually pours out its blessings. Every day, its life, its blood, flows down to earth. The earth is never forsaken. The Christ blesses and vivifies all creatures. He is present throughout the universe, in all the stars of heaven, and for us humans he makes himself known through the sun in particular. Blessed are those who elevate and expand their understanding of the Christ, for they are elevating and expanding their soul.