Master, a spiritual

Pays very dearly for his wish to help people

May 21st 2013
The life of a spiritual Master is strewn with obstacles, conflicts and dangers of all kinds. He should know in advance that he will have to pay very dearly for his wish to bring light to humans, for not only will they not always listen to him, they will fight him too. Anyone who thinks their knowledge and example will convince all those they meet is laying themselves open to serious disappointment. We need to have the greatest ambitions for humanity, but we must also know that there will be very few people equal to those ambitions. Jesus is said to have given his life for the salvation of humankind, and how many others too have sacrificed their life for them! For nothing is more difficult than trying to help people, and if they are not murdered many finish up exhausted from the endless criticism, attacks and threats they are subjected to. Initiates are also human beings, and so they deserve even greater credit than people imagine for continuing to do their work.