A light in the night that attracts heavenly entities

May 22nd 2013
You are unhappy, despondent, and you have the feeling that no one sees you and no one can help you. You are wrong – in fact there are thousands of entities watching over you. Call for their help by sending out light, that is to say, your faith, love and trust. If you succeed in attracting the entities’ attention, they can open doors and windows within you to let in their peace and joy. It is so easy for them to see us and come to us with help! Even if they are busy with great tasks, the currents generated by fervent prayer alert them immediately. As for those who moan, who allow rebellion, hate or any other negative feeling to get the better of them, the entities do not see them, for they remain in the shadows, merged with the darkness. But if they launch signals of light up to heaven, they then stand out from the shadows and are immediately seen.