Testing it out before telling others about it

May 23rd 2013
Master Peter Deunov said, ‘If an idea comes to you, even if you think you were given it by heaven, don’t hurry to tell others about it; first sow it and cultivate it within yourself.’ Why did he recommend this? Because so long as you have not sown and cultivated it, it does not belong to you, and since it does not belong to you, you do not have the right to give it away. If you give it away immediately, you could lose the blessings it was bringing you. What is more, since you have not sown it, that is, tested it out, you could lead someone astray. When an idea comes to you, you must first work on it and warm it up inside you to allow it to ripen. When it is ripe, it will produce fruits, and those fruits you will share with others.