Only those born out of intelligence and kindness are justified

May 24th 2013
Anyone who gives way to violence, in their words or their actions, introduces this violence into themselves first. They are opening the door to the seeds of disintegration, and they gradually become prey to chaotic forces, which begin to ravage their whole being on the psychic as well as the physical plane. For even health depends on obedience to the universal order, which is moderation and balance. Some will say, ‘But how can we not become violent, how can we not want revolution, when we see how unjust society is?’ It is true, society is unjust, but it is not the most spectacular revolutions that bring the best changes. Soon after, you realize that everything is working much as before, with the only difference that the figure at the top has been replaced by another. A few words have changed slightly too, a few slogans, a few songs, but the same vices are still there, the same corruption, the same injustices. It is not forbidden to want to start a revolution. Why not, so long as you are truly superior in intelligence and kindness, not in violence?