Brings us vitality in springtime and in the morning

May 27th 2013
It is best not to get into the habit of looking at anything that is declining – the sunset, leaves falling in autumn… Of course, the sky at sunset is a magnificent sight with all those colours merging into one another – how can we not be lost in admiration? And when the leaves fall from the trees in autumn and are blown away by the wind, we feel pleasantly melancholic and think of the passage of time… Why not? But if you truly want to be visited by faith and hope, it is better to look at what is being born, at what is blossoming. Having watched the leaves falling in autumn, do you pay attention to the new buds and flowers opening in spring? That is when nature is giving you something precious. And if you feel the need to bathe in a pure, vivifying atmosphere, go out in the morning as early as possible to contemplate the rising sun.