Correspondences between their constituent elements and planets

June 1st 2013
A tree is made up of seven elements – the roots, trunk, branches, leaves, flowers, fruit and the seeds of the fruit, which when sown will give birth to a new tree. Of course, you know that, but what you may not know is that a tree is a kind of solar system, for each of the seven elements that make it up corresponds to one of the seven traditional planets. Now let’s find the correspondences. The roots, working in the dark, buried deep in the earth – that’s Saturn. The trunk, rising powerfully and solidly, is Jupiter. The branches, setting out to conquer space – that’s Mars. The leaves, in which photosynthesis takes place due to light – that’s the Sun. The flowers, whose shapes, colours and perfume make up the tree’s charm, are Venus. The fruit, the flesh, where all the juices are concentrated, is the Moon. And as for the seeds, with which the whole cycle can begin again, they are Mercury, the child.