Dissolving them through faith, hope and love

June 3rd 2013
The immediate means people resort to when they want to get rid of sadness are most often merely palliative. Drinking because you have just discovered you have been betrayed by your husband or wife doubtless brings some relief, but for how long? A few glasses of alcohol deaden the pain for brief moments only, and the reawakening is even more dismal. And it is not much use either running to friends to unburden your heart. After an hour or two, you leave thinking you are rid of your burden, but before long it is back even heavier, and you have burdened your friends for nothing. Actually, I’m not telling you anything new; you have certainly had this experience on several occasions. So from now on, begin by trying yourself to break up the lump that is weighing on your heart. If you pass it on to others, they are likely to make it bigger than it is. How do you expect them to help you? They are not in your shoes, and they have their own worries. ‘So what should we do?’ you will say. Call on hope, faith and love, and tell yourself, ‘God created me in his image. I have all the insight, all the resources within myself to surmount this hardship.’ I am not saying you will succeed immediately, but this certainty will enable you to begin to rebuild your life.