People’s many desires weaken them/sap their energy and jeopardize their activities

June 7th 2013
People allow themselves to be drawn into the whirl of life around them, which offers so many temptations. And there is no one to warn them against the dangers of so many enticements. On the contrary, they are even made to believe that satisfying all the desires awakened in them in this way contributes to their fulfilment, that it is a condition of being inwardly enriched. Well, no, they will not be enriched by increasing all these desires that need satisfying, for these only serve to scatter their energy. And if in everyday life they have to deal with several activities at once, they will only be effective if they retain a guiding concept, an underlying wish that nurtures and reinforces all their other plans. So many people complain about the deplorable state of society! Why does this state exist? Because those who want the good and would be able to achieve it dissipate their energy in activities quite unrelated to what is good. And they make room for the foolish and the ambitious, who know how to focus all their energies on their reprehensible ventures.