A true liberation for those who have already been able to free themselves during their lifetime

June 11th 2013
Human life is like a reel of thread unwinding; at the beginning the thread is strong, but over time it becomes thin and eventually breaks, and it’s the end. Each of us must prepare ourselves for the end, so that we will not be frightened the day the angel of death comes to take us by the hand and says, ‘Leave this prison where you have been shut up. Go now, you are free.’ But there is more to being free than just leaving your physical body. Death is true freedom only for those who have done an inner work during their stay on earth to rid themselves of their physical and psychic weaknesses. If you are on earth, it is precisely so that you can work to liberate yourself, that is to say, work at giving your soul and spirit increased opportunities for expression. When death comes, you will leave knowing that you are departing to live in another world… Then, after a certain period of time, you will return to continue your work.