Its power to attract benign or evil entities

June 20th 2013
Blood has the property of giving off emanations which entities from the invisible world feed on. And so, from very ancient times, priests used the blood of victims offered as sacrifices to the gods to call up entities from either heaven or hell. Such deeds are even recounted in literature; you can read accounts of it in Homer’s Odyssey or Virgil’s Aeneid. In our time, in every country in the world, similar sacrifices are still practised, particularly by sorcerers and black magicians. White magicians do not sacrifice innocent animals to give their blood as food to entities of the invisible world. But it is important to know about the magical power of blood. It contains many precious substances that can serve as food to all kinds of spirits, and so certain precautions should be taken. If you lose blood in any way, it is better not to let it dry and not to dispose of it before having dedicated it silently to a good cause. This protects you from the schemes of the dark entities of the astral plane, which only wait to be fed these emanations to draw strength from them.