Misfortunes, the world’s

Rather than being distressed by them, seeking to be of use

June 22nd 2013
Now that news of disasters reaches us from all over the world at all hours of the day and night, it is true that there are continually reasons to be sad. But what use is this sadness? It will be of no help to anyone. It is better to use it as an incentive to find ways of being useful. And to this end, we should each begin straight away to let go of our personal worries, in which we shut ourselves up as if in a prison. The natural state of human beings should be joy, a joy in which they are actually more serious and profound than those who continually wear their concerns, however legitimate, in the expression on their face. For to arrive at this joy, you must have learned and understood that within us is a realm where light, love and freedom reign, far from the turmoil and troubles of the world. And by remaining in touch with this region we can be useful to others.