Meaning of life, the

Lies in the quest for what is unreachable

June 23rd 2013
It is natural to rejoice when you have achieved success, but unfortunately – or fortunately – it is just as natural that some time later this success no longer satisfies. It is in the past, and you have to find a new reason to proceed with the same conviction toward another goal. And so, once our plans have come to fruition, the only way we can avoid this feeling of pointlessness and emptiness is to set ourselves a distant goal, so distant that we will never achieve it. You are thinking, ‘Strive towards something that is impossible, unachievable? What for? The meaning of life lies in achievement.’ No, the meaning of life is found in the eternal search for what is unachievable, unreachable. We aspire to something which seems to move further away like the horizon as we progress, and this aspiration fills our consciousness, our subconscious and our superconsciousness. It mobilizes all our energies and opens the way to the infinite and the eternal – nothing can stop us any more.