A mystery that only initiatic knowledge can elucidate

June 24th 2013
We should carefully and very lovingly study all the ways small children express themselves, even those who seem to be the least awakened, for their spirit, which is not completely incarnated, lives partly outside their body, and they are able to sense what adults can no longer see or feel. When parents, psychologists and educators possess some initiatic knowledge, they will be able to truly study the life of children. They will read in the book of their soul everything that is reflected there up to a certain age. They will discover the unsuspected depth of what children subconsciously know. Some mothers may be dimly aware that the entire life of the universe is being revealed to them through their baby, and in this sense you could say they are pupils of their child. Others, who will only allow themselves to be their teachers, do not learn a great deal. A mother who is very loving, aware and wise receives a whole initiation during the first years of her child’s life.