Work of the spirit on matter

Different aspects

June 25th 2013
The divine Spirit dwells in every human being as their higher self, but in order to feel its presence they have to place themselves in its service. By doing so, not only do they clear a path for it to their awareness, but they allow it to come down into the substance of their physical body. Heaven is ready to shower us with all its blessings, but we must understand the work of the spirit on matter if we are to receive them. We see evidence throughout the universe of the work of God – the creative spirit, the masculine principle – on matter, the feminine principle. And because human beings have been created in God’s image, they reproduce spirit’s work on matter in everything they do. A farmer simply tilling the soil with his plough, or a mother preparing a meal for her family, or a craftsperson making an object will be acting with their spirit on matter. And if you decide to do some inner work to improve your character and your behaviour, that will also be your spirit acting on matter. You become polarized: the emissive, positive pole – your spirit – acts on the receptive, negative pole – your psychic matter.