Despite its progress, human beings will always need to be vigilant

June 26th 2013
Nature possesses and fosters the germs of illnesses, but at the same time it also possesses the means of curing them. However, if people do not act sensibly, they allow harmful germs to develop and limit the effectiveness of factors that would be beneficial for them. Some will say, ‘But there are so many advances in science, surely it will…’ No, nothing is sure, because science is not all-powerful. Whatever advances it makes, it is powerless when faced with the unwillingness of those who refuse to acknowledge the laws of nature and to act accordingly. So, be careful; the more science and technology progress, the more humans will have to be aware, alert and vigilant. There are many advantages to progress; it affords many opportunities, but at the same time many temptations. And counting on advances in medicine to permit ourselves every whim and excess will lead straight to disaster. Life will never yield to the will of unreasonable people.