Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

The four ages of life

June 29th 2013
Think of the lifetime of human beings. As children, they have to touch everything, to pick things up and put them in their mouth, even things that can harm them, for childhood is the age of the heart, the age of the first operation: addition. As adolescents, their mind begins to express itself, and they set about rejecting anything they find disagreeable, useless or harmful: they are doing subtraction. As adults, they embark on multiplication: their life is filled with relationships, children, department stores, acquisitions of all kinds… Finally, having reached old age, they think they will soon be departing for the next world, and they write their will to leave their possessions to various people: they are doing division. So, human beings begin by accumulating, and then they throw out many things. But the good things must be planted so that they multiply. And what should they plant? Their good thoughts and feelings, for example. Yes, that is true multiplication. And what they harvest they can divide, in other words, share out.