How to build a relationship with them

July 3rd 2013
Stones are alive – yes, alive and conscious. They speak to us, and we can speak to them too. You are surprised? Well, experiment with trying to communicate with them. Take a stone in your hand and listen to it; you will gradually begin to sense it is telling you of the earth’s long history, of all the events it has witnessed that are recorded in it, for everything is recorded. And you can also make yourself heard by a stone by speaking to it with love, for love is the universal language understood by the whole of creation. If you touch a stone with love, it will vibrate differently and be able to respond with love. When you know how to speak to stones, you will also be able to entrust messages to them. You will take a stone and fill it with your love, and then ask it to bring peace and joy to the person you are going to give it to. You will even sense that it is happy to be entrusted with such a mission.