Twin soul

And the question of androgyny

July 5th 2013
Sometimes you will hear men and women say they are looking for their twin soul… or they have found their twin soul. There is no reason to doubt that they are looking for it. But whether they find it is another matter. We all have a twin soul, but usually it remains invisible; it is not incarnate. We can meet it in this life, but not necessarily ‘in the flesh’. The question of twin souls is also linked to androgyny. An androgyne, in the initiatic sense, is someone who has succeeded in attracting their twin soul into themselves. If it is a man, his twin soul lives in him as a female presence, and if it is a woman her twin soul lives in her as a male presence. These beings then begin to live an extraordinary life, because they are no longer alone, they lack nothing, they feel complete and they experience fulfilment.