Parents and educators

Must be mindful of how they speak to children

April 2nd 2011
Adults claim to love their children and be concerned about their upbringing, but they do not always know how to behave with them, and in particular they are not careful in the way they speak to them. So many parents and educators constantly tell them they are useless, stupid, and so on, and the children, influenced by suggestion, as if hypnotized, after a while really do become stupid and incompetent. Be aware that the spoken word is powerful and effective, and what parents say to their children can affect them badly, block them and frighten them. To make them comply or keep quiet, is it really necessary to threaten them with the wolf, the policeman, the devil or who knows what? These children could well feel under threat and insecure for the rest of their lives; this could explain certain neuroses in adults. There are many things adults need to correct about their attitude toward children; otherwise, what they call an upbringing will really only be a bringing down.