Truths, elementary

Are our salvation on the path of initiation

July 11th 2013
Too many disciples of spiritual teachings still do not understand the necessity for practice. They throw themselves into the works of Cabbalah, astrology, magic, alchemy, spirituality from India or elsewhere, and they make them topics of conversation, with each person wanting to show off the latest knowledge they have acquired. They have learned nothing about humility, purity, patience, kindness or gratitude; they do not know how to harmonize with human beings and with the rest of creation, and so it doesn’t take much for them to become unsettled and ill: their reading has led them to the edge of an abyss. So don’t imagine you will gain such easy access to the great mysteries, solve the riddle of the universe or receive initiation. And don’t think that while you are occupied with your grandiose projects you can neglect those everyday activities that are so unworthy of you, as well as the elementary truths that could light your path. For those elementary truths are what count most. If you apply them, you will find the right attitude, and you will be protected while you continue to study.