Objectives, precise

Everything falls into place to achieve them

July 14th 2013
Why is it so important to have a definite idea, a precise plan?... Say you decide to have a house built, for example, or to go travelling. From then on you leave to one side many things that are not directly relevant to this plan in order to concentrate on your house or your journey – it happens automatically. Your behaviour obeys a law of physics, or chemistry – call it what you will. Once you have a precise plan, you establish a connection with the things, places, people, entities and forces that correspond with it, to the exclusion of others. Everything falls into place in and around you so that you are able to realize your idea. You must give yourself precise objectives in the spiritual life too, in order to avoid all sorts of extraneous elements coming to distract you. Otherwise, you will be like someone who says they’re in a hurry to get home to do some work but constantly allows themselves to be diverted from their route by everyone they meet. At midnight you’ll find them in a bar, busy drinking and playing cards with a few pals. You need to understand how important it is to have a definite thought in mind every morning that will enable you to move closer to your spiritual ideal.