Heroes of our time

Those who conquer their selfishness

July 16th 2013
People will be made to develop more brotherly feelings by conditions they themselves have created. As yet, they still do not understand; those who can benefit from the means that science and technology have put at their disposal consider these so wonderful that they do not ask themselves whether what they see as useful and of benefit to them is equally so for others. They use and abuse these means; in every area, it is always a matter of who will be first, and they become cruel and inhuman. But those are the heroes the crowd wants to emulate, not fully realizing that their models are monsters. So, now we need other heroes, heroes for our time. True heroism involves being able to conquer the selfishness in us that always leads to confrontation. If all those rich, powerful, influential people used the same energy they devote to being successful on the material plane to seeking a little more brotherhood, then abundance and peace would reign throughout the world.