The greatest danger on the path of evolution

July 19th 2013
In our daily life, we must never lose sight of the fact that when someone says ‘I’ or ‘me’, it is not always the same being speaking each time. Often it is the lower nature expressing itself through that person. But we can also say ‘I’ as bearers of the Divine. Only, we have to be particularly careful that there is no pride in this ‘I’, for pride is one of the greatest dangers threatening human beings on the path of evolution. Saint Anthony understood this: the devil is said to have followed him into the desert and to have subjected him night after night to tests, from which he emerged victorious. Piqued, and forced to acknowledge defeat, the devil said to him, ‘Anthony, you have beaten me!’ About to reply, ‘Yes, I have!’, Anthony suddenly checked himself and said, ‘No, it was Christ who beat you through me.’ He had passed the last test by allowing his higher self, the Christ, to show itself.