In which a being incarnates are preserved in the cosmic archives

July 20th 2013
The bodily forms that humans have had here on earth are kept in the cosmic archives, and often even the form of the clothing they wore is kept. In a spiritualist séance, when someone who lived several thousands of years ago is called up, that person comes to speak looking and sounding just like they did in the past. But it is not really that person; it is their form, which has remained for thousands of years in nature’s archives, and the form speaks and can be seen and almost touched, for forms never disappear. When human beings incarnate, they acquire a form that they relinquish at the end of their life. It is used for only one incarnation, but it is kept in the universal archives, the akasha chronica. When they reincarnate, they acquire another form, and that also will be kept. There will always be new forms, and they will all be kept until the universe disappears.