Are only effective when you give them content

July 23rd 2013
Our teaching offers numerous methods, but if they are to give results, you must learn to direct your thinking. Of itself a method is nothing much; if you do not know how to consider it and how to apply it, it remains ineffectual. Why? Because it is only a tool. A repeated word or gesture will only release its power if you give it content, by putting a thought and even a feeling into it. You have unsuspected resources that you must learn to exploit by being present in everything you do. Often, if you are tired, it is not because you have worked too hard, but because you do not know which things you need to make an effort with or, more importantly, how to make the effort. Leading a stagnant, mechanical life is what is tiring. Whereas, if you put thought or feeling into what you are doing, you will feel sustained and alive.