Parable of the wheat and the rye grass;


July 30th 2013
A man had sown wheat in his field, but while everyone slept his enemy came to sow rye grass among the wheat. What is this enemy Jesus speaks of in the parable of the wheat and the rye grass, and how is it relevant to us? In fact, the enemy is in us, and how zealously it sets about destroying the work of those who are determined to make their whole being fertile soil! It contrives to bring in harmful seeds: it has the choice of pride, sensuality, greed, vanity, anger… And why does it succeed? Because, as in the parable, people are ‘asleep’ – they are not watchful. So try to identify the inner enemy that is trying to worm its way into you to destroy your good plans. Study the methods it uses, then you will have advance warning of its approach. For each time the enemy comes closer, it is heralded by certain definite signs, by a thought or a feeling. And if you fall prey each time, it means you are not seeking to analyse yourself. You are skimming the surface of your being, waiting for great torment to come before you turn your attention to what is happening inside you. Now that you have been warned, make more effort to observe yourself, so that you can sense the tenuous threads that link your different inner states.