Solar plexus

The gate through which sunlight enters us

July 31st 2013
Every morning at dawn, the sun starts sending out into space a profusion of specks of gold, with which we can fill our spirit, soul, mind and heart, as well as our physical body. Our whole body, from head to toe, can benefit from this gold. There are different kinds of light. The light our nervous system and our whole being need most is the light of the sun before it rises. This is the most subtle, the most spiritual light, and it acts on our psychic bodies. And so if we know how to look at the sun, a gate opens in our solar plexus, and we begin to drink in the light. It is as if a reservoir were filling up with a precious quintessence. When the reservoir overflows, your only feeling is the need to share this elixir with all living creatures, and there is no greater joy than that of giving out what you have received from the sun.