Are good or bad depending on what we make of them

August 3rd 2013
If you make mistakes, if your ventures are not successful, never blame conditions. Even if on the face of it you are right in thinking they are not good, consider that your judgment may not be impeccable. Everyone has their own idea of what is good or bad for them, but fate might have quite a different one… So it is wisest to consider the conditions we have been given as being the best ones for our evolution. And anyway, they are good or bad depending on what we make of them. If we do not know how to make use of them, the most favourable conditions will only bring about disasters, whereas bad conditions, if we know how to use them, become the most beneficial. At the time, we cannot pass judgment on the conditions we have been given; that only comes much later, when we find out whether we were able to put them to good use.