Symbol of a harmonious collective life

August 4th 2013
So many men and women love to come together to sing! They feel that the harmony they strive to create between them when they perform a work is beneficial for them, but also that it lifts them to a higher dimension of being. How is it that all these men’s and women’s voices, which seem so different when you hear them separately, harmonize so wonderfully when they join together? But once the rehearsal or concert is over, they all go home and allow themselves to get caught up once more in their petty preoccupations, their old arguments, their grudges towards this or that person. They may have sung magnificently, but they have still not understood what a choir should be. Had they understood, they would continue to sing in chorus even when choir is over. What does that mean? That wherever we are, even when we are on our own at home, we must spend our entire life singing as a choir, so that our voice, that is, everything we send out in the way of thoughts, feelings, desires and emotions, is made to resonate in harmony with the whole of nature and with other human beings.