Kingdom of god, the

An idea that causes us to live in sublime realms

August 7th 2013
‘Strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness’, said Jesus. This idea of the kingdom of God is an entity that has its roots, its homeland, in the divine world. So, if we nurture it, we feel ourselves entering the realm where this entity lives, breathes and evolves, and the awareness that we are working for something immense and sublime fills us with inspiration, courage and joy. The idea of the kingdom of God has ramifications, repercussions, in all regions of the universe, from the heights to the depths of creation, because everything is connected. We can only achieve something truly great on earth if we begin by setting an idea in motion above, in the knowledge that an idea is not an abstraction but a living, active entity. So, let all those who have been touched by the divine Word, by the sun’s rays, decide to work for the idea of the kingdom of God and his righteousness! Even if the realization of this idea is slow in coming, even if it never happens, they will at least bring it to life within themselves.