Happiness, true

Is happiness without a cause

August 11th 2013
If someone says, ‘I am happy, because…’, well, just the fact that they give a reason for their happiness proves they do not possess true happiness. For true happiness is happiness without a cause. Yes, you are happy, and you don’t know why. You find it wonderful to be living, breathing, eating, speaking… Nothing has happened to you – no success, no gifts, no inheritance, no new love… What is making you happy is – for there is a reason all the same – a feeling that something from above has been added to everything you do, a spiritual element that does not even depend on you – like water pouring down from heaven and flowing through you. For most people happiness is linked to possessions: houses, money, decorations, glory… or else a husband, a wife, children. No, true happiness does not depend on any object, possession or person. It comes from above, and you are surprised to find yourself in a constant higher state of awareness. You are delighted, and you do not even know why. That is true happiness.