Human being, the

A green fruit the sun endeavours to ripen

August 12th 2013
A new philosophy is now appearing in the world – that of the rising sun. One day, everyone will go out in the early hours of the day to meet it, and this will be a change in perspective bringing shifts in all spheres: psychological, family, social, political, economic… Everyone will leave behind the geocentric perspective and adopt the heliocentric, solar one. It is said that one day human beings will surpass the angels and archangels in splendour. And yet, they are still only green fruit; they are stubborn, obstinate and hard. But this fruit is attached to the cosmic Tree, and the sun watches it and sends its light and warmth, ripening it so it can be served as delicious fruit for the divine table. Then, as spiritual essence, it will enter into the mind of the Creator, and its thought will be that of the Creator, the great Sun. Humankind’s destiny is to be absorbed one day by the great Sun.