Is in itself neutral, it all depends how it is used

April 6th 2011
How can we not appreciate science? It brings so many discoveries which we benefit from every day! Yet, one cannot approve of all the directions science is taking. Basically, what is happening there is just the same as happens with money. Some say, ‘I am against money; it’s money that makes people bad and unhappy.’ No, it is not money; money is neutral; it is people who make it good or bad depending on the use they make of it. And it is the same with science: it encompasses both good and evil. This is why science satisfies those who seek the means to do harm just as well as those who seek the means to do good. Science is neutral; it has no conscience. Humans possess a moral conscience, a sense of what is good and what is bad for them and for others. They must make use of this moral conscience to steer scientific research in a direction that is beneficial to the whole of humanity.