Offered by heaven, and on what conditions

August 19th 2013
When you turn to heaven for help and support, it is like asking for a loan. But heaven only gives loans to those who deserve them. When it sees someone making sincere, disinterested efforts, spending their time and energy serving heaven and serving others, it cannot help but offer them credit, and it showers them with its blessings. Whereas those who use the gifts they have received from heaven for their own gain, or even to do wrong, see their credit suspended – heaven will give them nothing more. All spiritual traditions insist on this point: humans must make good use of the gifts, qualities and riches they have received. Otherwise, they will receive nothing more from heaven, and sooner or later even what they have will be taken from them. And no matter how brilliant or important they were in a past life or even in this one, they will find themselves poor and naked.