Negative states, the

That people feed in themselves make them complicit in harmful schemes

August 21st 2013
Every human being can be used for good as well as for evil by means of their magnetism and the fluidic elements in their make-up. But how many are aware of this? People say, ‘Oh, I have never been dishonest. I am an upright person at home and at work.’ But the truth is that unintentionally and unbeknown to them, they have taken part in criminal ventures. How? By harbouring negative inner states such as jealousy, hatred, anger, the desire for revenge, and so on. These states are a kind of fluidic substance used by the dark entities of the invisible world to carry out their evil schemes. Humans are not aware how careful they need to be to avoid unintentionally being a party to the misfortunes visited on their fellow men and women.