Master, spiritual

The limits of his influence

August 22nd 2013
Many people are surprised that a great Master’s authority and radiance does not produce miraculous effects on all those who come to him. But what do they expect? A Master cannot improve those who refuse to improve, for deep down they are free. You can imprison someone, you can chop them up into pieces, but you cannot have an effect on their heart or mind if they do not let you. A Master can always give out knowledge – that is easy – but he cannot change people’s character or temperament. If they allow their soul and spirit to remain asleep, if their only need in life is to let themselves be guided by their base instincts without concern for the upset and misfortunes they produce around them, a Master is powerless. He can only try to let them glimpse the beauty of a world they are as yet far removed from, in the hope that they will wish to move closer to it in a future lifetime.