Many provoke it through lack of awareness

August 23rd 2013
Many people admit to being afraid of death. But when you see the unreasonable way some of them live, destroying their health or launching into dangerous ventures on the pretext of gaining experience, they seem to be doing everything to hasten the moment. So, how can they really talk of being afraid of death? They provoke death as if deep down they knew they were immortal. You will say, ‘But then, if it’s because they feel immortal, you can’t really reproach them for their behaviour.’ Well yes, you can; don’t mix things up. You do not develop an awareness of immortality by stupidly exposing yourself to danger. To believe in immortality is to believe in the power of the spirit. But it is not the spirit that drives so many people to hasten their end; it is lack of awareness, irresponsibility, idleness and a lack of self-control.