Gives life meaning, but criteria are needed

August 25th 2013
All humans experience a need to admire, to marvel at, something or someone, for wonder is a feeling that gives colour and flavour to life. But it is better if they first learn to feel wonder for what is essential, that is, for divine light, wisdom and love. Then let them marvel at particular human beings if they need to, but only to the extent that they express and reveal the Divine. That is the criterion we should all have. So, admire and marvel at things and beings every day, but always with this criterion. Otherwise, you risk paying a high price. You will become attached to someone who was able to seduce you but who will bring you only darkness and turmoil. And once you are totally destroyed, this person will leave you and go in search of new victims to flail. Why, yes, that is how things happen in the world, because people do not know what they should appreciate and admire in others if they want to remain full of wonder.