Must be always new, like the sun

August 26th 2013
When will people understand that their life must be always new, a constant outpouring? Like the sun, which is forever new. Yesterday’s life is already past. Today’s sun is not like yesterday’s, and it also brings us new riches: each day it brings us something that was not there the day before. As it rises each morning it invites us to receive a brand-new life, to enter another rhythm, to attune ourselves to the light, to eternity. This is the true fountain of youth. In the book of Isaiah, God says, ‘I am about to create new heavens and a new earth.’ How should these words be interpreted? Is God going to destroy the heaven and earth he created in the beginning? No. The new heavens and the new earth are images expressing the fact that life is continually renewing itself, is always in motion, and that we must be part of this movement.