Time and eternity

The physical plane and the spiritual plane

August 28th 2013
When someone is taken on in a business, they are expected to obtain rapid results. Yes, when it comes to earning money, you have to be quick. This is why so many shops offer people products and goods that satisfy their material needs, even their lower needs, which doesn’t take long to do. If they were offering something to feed their soul and spirit, they would go bankrupt, because it takes a long time to obtain results on the spiritual plane. Wisdom demands that we take account of time for the physical plane and of eternity for the soul and spirit. The great haste in which most people lead their lives deprives them of the notion of duration, of infinity, which gives meaning and flavour to life. When they fail to find what they are looking for quickly, they soon give up and go looking elsewhere. Unfortunately, in order to obtain anything on the spiritual plane, you have to be extremely patient.