No use praying to god to restore it

August 29th 2013
There has never been a period in human history when there were no wars. And yet, it cannot be denied that people want peace, and when war breaks out how many believers turn to the Lord to ask him to put an end to it! That’s all very well, but whether those prayers reach the Lord is another matter. It is not up to him to stop the wars that humans have started; it is up to them to find ways to stop fighting. Let them pray, of course, but they would do better to pray that the terrible experiences they have had might be a lesson to them! If humans do not learn wisdom, they should not count on God to put an end to their madness! They beg, ‘Lord, give us peace!’, thinking he can’t wait to see a war end. Not at all. God is very patient, and he replies, ‘Learn to recognize everything in you that is a factor in conflicts. When each one of you has understood the efforts you must make to become more reasonable, more honest, more generous, peace will come at last. But that depends on you, not me.’