To be able to live there, you have to prepare for it

August 31st 2013
Who would not want to live in paradise? Ask those around you; they will all reply, ‘Live in paradise? Yes, of course!’ Except that what they do not know is that they would have to fulfil certain conditions: they cannot live in the higher realms without preparing themselves. Otherwise, even assuming they are accepted just as they are, after a few minutes spent up there they will be wanting to come back down, saying, ‘But it’s unbearable here. There are no cigarettes, no bars, no nightclubs! And I feel like smoking, having a drink and kissing pretty women. I can’t stay here.’ To be able to live in sublime realms, you have to rid yourself of your base needs, which is the reason why not everyone is ready. Even if they were put in heaven by force, many would contrive to come back down as quickly as possible. But do not use what I am saying as an excuse for not trying to adapt to the divine life. If you train yourself every day to purify your desires, to meditate, to put some of your brain cells to work , you will be able to go a very long way, until you eventually live in the heavenly realms.